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I will be the first person to tell you: you will not get rich from reading my posts. I take no responsibility for any outcome you experience from following my advice. There are different right answers for different people. Further, you never reach the end of a road by reading or listening to advice; you reach the end of a road by traveling it. On the road to financial freedom, expect hard work, discipline, and a lot of self-education if you plan to complete the journey.

The only thing I can give you is some ideas that you can try, and also learn more about. Here is a crucial piece of advice; if you want to be successful in personal finance, professional finance, business, politics, or even in humanities, learn as much as you can about economics. It shapes your daily decisions. If it doesn't, then you are probably not managing your money well.

I am announcing a daily (or as near daily as possible) economics term and definition. This is to be on top of everything else I discuss.

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