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I have a special promotion that I am able to offer you, from ING Direct. There is no secret or catch. If I refer you to ING Direct, and you open a savings account, you will get $25. Anyone with an ING Direct account can do this. In addition, I will receive $10 as a referral fee (just to be honest). You will only receive your $25 if you sign up via the referral link (going directly through the website results in no deals). If you want me to send you a referral link, email me with your request.

Here are some facts about the ING Direct savings account:
  • 3.75% Interest rate (above the average inflation rate)
  • FDIC-insured
  • No fees, service charges, or required minimums
  • Optional automated withdrawals from checking
This is a great place to save up some money for short term use, or to hold for a larger investment, like a CD. It is just over the average inflation rate, so you are not losing money by sitting on it.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

July 14, 2006 3:24 AM 

You are lying! go to and the same promotion is on their home page. I woudl have been happy to give you $10, but since you said only available via you I just signed up directly--I don't like liers.....

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