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Retire At 30 Has a Plan!

I was going through the carnival today, and I noticed Retire at 30. It seems that this guy and I are not to different, in our financial goals and time tables. He has got to be 22/23; I am 25. He wants to retire at 30; I want to retire at 35. He has a seven-year timetable; I have a ten-year timetable.

I am sure that we have plenty of differences. He has graduated from college; I graduate in May. He has run organizations; I am just starting. I do not know his marital status; I have been married for almost seven years. I do not know if he has kids; I have three.

What is important is that we each have similar goals. Further, we seem to have similar ideas as how to attain them. His plan, some stocks, real estate, hard work, and frugal living. That pretty much sums up mine.

I will be watching Retire at 30 to keep up to date, and I hope to share some of my secrets.

Blogger tt Says:

November 29, 2005 11:18 PM 

Hey, this is tt from Retire at 30. To answer a few of your questions. I am single, but expecting my first son in May. I'll be checking up on your progress as well.

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