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I though it was time for another new theme. As you can tell, I use Blogger here, and it is difficult to stand out when you use it. I went in search of some different templates, and I found some nice ones, but I started to see them being used more and more. So, I created my own. Blogger Template Tags are not difficult by any means, but they do become quite ugly and difficult to manage.

In any event, I do not think that anyone else will have this template without a great deal of effort. I really like the template, too, because it is simple markup, and the style is completely seperate, so I can reuse the template and have a completely different look. Further, I have put in some features that are like other blogging softwares.

Anyhow, there should be any major changes for a long while, but there will be minor changes to the template here and there, as it is not 100% to my liking, and some of the menu links are not functional, yet.


Blogger Flexo Says:

January 02, 2006 9:26 PM 

Looks nice, but "heavily inspired" by

Blogger Dus10 D Says:

January 03, 2006 8:50 AM 

I would certainly agree. Blogger templates are certainly not difficult to create, but it makes it very difficult to do some of the easy things that other blogging softwares do. As Problogger is a site a I frequent, I figure it has the features that should be available in blogs. So, I did this as a proof of concept. I will be slowly changing it, so it should evolve into something all its own.

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