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New Salary Figures for MBAs - Consumerism Commentary - A Blog About Personal Finance

New Salary Figures for MBAs - Consumerism Commentary - A Blog About Personal Finance

Okay, I have finally decided what I am going to do after I graduate this May. I started out backwards, and I think it is going to help me in the long run. I started working in IT for a consulting company when I was 18. I put off going to school until I was 22 (this was a mistake, I should have started when I started my job, but it is a blessing to not postpone working until you graduate). I will graduate with my BS in Information Systems from the University of Indianapolis School of Business, at the age of 25 (completed in three year while working full-time).

So, what I am doing after that? I was debating on starting an MBA program, a JD program, or a joint MBA/JD program. The latter would be great as it knocks a year off the total time to complete the degree. However, my wife really wants to start her degree program, and she deserves to start it. She has put up with the school work nearly every single night after working (it has been a huge drain). And she has done a great job with the kids. So, she has started back at school by taking a couple of classes online. She already has a couple under her belt, anyhow. Hopefully, she will be done with her AS in Nursing within a year and half. Then, she will find somewhere that will pay for her to finish her BS. That seems like a long time to wait (especially since tuition is always on an upward trend) when I could be making more if I had an MBA. So, Indiana University has a top 25 MBA program, and currently, has one of the best online MBA programs around. It is highly recognized (way more than University of Phoenix), and it from a school I would have liked to get an MBA from anyway (second to Notre Dame). However, it is expensive at $850 per credit hour. So, I think I will try and talk my employer into paying for at least half of it. They may pay for it all, but when they see that price, it may cause my companies president to have another heart-attack, and I don't want to be responsible for that (really, this is not a laughing matter, he is at home recovering from one right now).

Anyhow, I really want an MBA, just because it is one of my goals (and I am a very goal-oriented person). Also, I would really like to get very close to, or exceed, the six-figure mark on my salary. If you would have asked me, last year, if I thought I could get there in the next five years, I would have probably laughed so hard that I would have went into convulsions. However, with the career move that I made this year, I can see myself hitting $75K within three years fairly easily (without an MBA)... why not bust my tail and go for $100K.

Then, I could always go for a JD in a couple years after that... maybe that is what I can do when I become semi-retired at 25!

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