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The Rising Price of Postage

On January 8th of this new year, the price of postage is scheduled to increase by two cents to $0.39. That is over a 5% increase in the price of postage. A lot of people try to use this an economic indicator. Regardless, many people use stamps and the postal service, which does mean that this will effect them (be it ever so slightly).

Considering the rate increase, now may be a good time to evaluate the cost of using the postal service. For example, if you mail out, a very conservative, 12 bills a month, you will be paying $4.68 a month in postage. This doesn't include the cost of envelopes and checks, which are minimal, but can give a round number of $5 per month for a very small number of bills.

Now, this is not very much, at all; it is about $60 per year. But, it is money you could be saving by using online bill pay. Considering that you do not have to pay the money for postage, and it is not in any way a hassle, why wouldn't you do this? Besides, I am ultra-paranoid about identity theft, so I always take my bills to the post office directly (on the way to work, of course). This measure will save me that effort.


Anonymous personal finance advice Says:

January 08, 2006 8:48 AM 

While not well known, you can actually purchase postage stamps for below their face value - sometimes as much s 10%. This is great if you send a lot of mail like I did when doing ebay full time.

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