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$10 for Opening HSBC Free Checking Account

I originally posted a $50 Bonus for opening a free checking account with HSBC. If you did follow those instructions, and you did so just for the bonus, you may want to cancel that account opening. There were some stipulations that were confusing, and you most likely did not select what was necessary. However, that $50 bonus page has been updated, and you can receive the bonus if you open a Smart Package checking account. The process is much more simple. However, you can also open a free checking account with HSBC and get a $10 bonus. Follow the normal free checking account application, and use the promotional code of "check", without the quotes.

Looks like another $10 to the savings pot, as this can be opened in addition to the other offers. I will keep $1 in the account to keep it active. After a period of time, I will close one of the checking accounts just to keep things simple.


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