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$50 for Opening HSBC Smart Package Checking Account

I recently had to go through talking with customer service at HSBC in order to add my bank for bank-to-bank transfers for my online savings account. They were sending me information on opening a Smart Package checking account. I am glad that I found this promotion first! It expires March 16th, so get it while you can. Go to HSBC and start a new application with the promotion code of "GET50", minus the quotes, and you will receive $50 within 45 days. It has a minimum opening deposit of $1, and you must keep the account open (meaning you must keep $1 in the account, the same HSBC representative told me they would close the account in 5 days if it had a zero balance) for 180 days. In addition, there are some stipulations. First, there is a $3000 balance requirement to avoid fees. This can also be waived if you use direct deposit. I have heard rumors that doing a "push" ACH transfer from an ING Direct account would qualify as a direct deposit.

I used my online savings account with HSBC to fund the account. So, I used the original $1 that I used to fund that account and received $25 for opening it. I have since added some more funds and accumulated a few cents in interest. After I get the $50 here, I am transfering it to my online savings account. A total of $75 for opening great accounts with a great international institution. And, at least it is helping to get me to my $6000 in 2006. I am falling behind, and I would be falling behind further without these free monies.

As a note, I have been paid three times this year. My plan was to deposit $250 per paycheck into a fund where I would save for some investment. My goal is $1 Million in ten years, and I needed $6000 this first year, along with some aggressive returns. So, I should have $750 by now. Well, I am officially at $61, combining my HSBC online savings accounts ($31.06), and my credit union account at work ($25). I am not counting my liquid funds in my normal checking account. Plus, I am sure I earned a few cents on my my credit union account, but that is small change.

On the expenses front, however, I have made good progress thanks to my tax refund. I paid off mine and my wife's two credit cards (each had a balance of ~$400), and a table we had financed ($650), as well as many medical bills. The credit cards and the table reduce our monthly expenses by about ~$150 per month, which we can apply to some other medical bills that we have on a payment schedule.

And in even better news, I found out that I qualify for the LASIK vision correction surgery as advertised! You always see those ads for $299 per eye... and I actually qualify for that. I wasn't sure how they calculated the pricing, but it is just on how bad your vision is. To qualify, through the LASIK Vision Institute, your vision has to be -2.00 or better, and you must have minimal to no astigmatism. This is being covered through my flexible spending account, and is about $600 less than I have planned on spending. So, my wife may do her LASIK vision correction this year too! (She wanted me to be the guinea pig, as we do not know anyone who has had the procedure). So, there is another expense I will be able to do without from here until at least my 40's. No more glasses! My glasses usually cost me about $400 a year, plus I usually spend about $200 a year on disposable contacts and supplies. That covers my LASIK in one year! What an investment! And no more freaking glasses!

If you missed the original $25 for opening an HSBC Online Savings account, goto this application and use the code "start", minus the quotes.


Anonymous Kirby on Finance Says:

February 22, 2006 12:31 PM 

I'm kicking myself right now! I recently signed up with HSBC and only got $25. DARN!

Blogger Dus10 D Says:

February 22, 2006 12:42 PM 

If you signed up for the Online Savings Account, you are eligible to sign up for this offer, as well. I signed up for that account and received $25.

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