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I was checking out the Finance forum on, and I found a promotion code for opening a brokerage account with Sharebuilder and getting $50 for free, plus an investment guide. I thought that it would be interesting for everyone to see.

My interest in Sharebuilder peaked after reading this simple guide on a forum. I am not sure how this would work out, but it looks promising as a simple way to start understanding stock trading. I am going to give it a try. Unfortunately, trading does not pick back up until Tuesday because of our great combined holiday of President's Day (Because apparently, Washington and Lincoln are no longer important enough to be recognized individually). Anyhow, I am going to analyze some stocks over the weekend and see if I can find something to pick up. I am a technology guy, so I may go with a what I have a gut feeling on (which I will first verify through analysis), which is AMD. Otherwise, I may look into some of the companies that I think may benefit from the new Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit.


Anonymous Nathan Whitehead Says:

February 18, 2006 1:15 AM 

I would recommend against buying individual stocks until you really have an idea of how the market works. Start with ETFs that are well diversified first (total stock market such as VTI, or total bond market such as AGG). Buying one share of these is like buying a share of every stock or bond offered. If you don't own about 20 stocks at once, you are taking on unnecessary risk. By owning more stocks at once you smooth out the risk and still get the return. (My apologies if you already know this).

Blogger Dus10 D Says:

February 18, 2006 2:23 AM 

My main point in doing this is to experiment and learn trading and figuring out my break even and such. I am starting out with very little money. And while I am a novice, as in I have never bought stcoks before, I have some knowledge and already own some mutual funds, etc. Thanks for the comment!

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