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Sorry for the very long drought of posts. Blogging has really been on the back burner of my mind these past several months. I have had several things going on with myself related to school and personal development. My wife has also returned to school. And, this summer, we started our oldest two children in swimming lessons, and it has been great.

Anyhow, I am on the war path to get things straightened out with my finances. Lately, I have let all aspects slip. We got a loan to basically cover the deductible for fixing my car... and by lack of discipline, it did not go to fixing the car... so we had to struggle through two paychecks to make it work out. The car is fixed, and paid for, but there is this ridiculous debt now... on top of the debts we have not reduced to zero (two vehicles, some medical bills, student loans, and a mortgage).

Anyhow, I have seen a raise since I dropped off the face of the blogosphere, and I have finally become eligible to participate in my company's excellent 401(k)... and I have been contributing up to the match. So that is good news.

I have also ramped up my mystery shopping and hope to pull in some extra cash from this. Half of this goes into my savings, and the other half goes to paying down debt or making my undisciplined lifestyle work (I know... I need more discipline... but it is difficult when you share equal responsibility with another adult that likes to be fiscally undisciplined). Hopefully, when the vehicles are paid off, we can be more disciplined while still having fun. Anyhow, I am also looking to find a few other sources of income... and some of them will hopefully be passive.


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