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Well, I just spent about an hour of my time on MaviShare and made $31.00 for signing up for free offers (Thanks Supermom from Getting Out of Debt!). MaviShare has all sorts of offers that you typically find out there on the Internet, and someone else gets paid for your referal, except that MaviShare gives you about 65% of the money. MaviShare can also send payments via PayPal, immediately. You can also get a check, once you reach the payment threshold.

Among the free offers were $8.00 for getting your Experian credit report and score, $7.00 from (and $5.00 of free postage which came in handy for an eBay auction that ending that day!), $5.00 for signing up for eBay, $8.00 for signing up for Real Rhapsody, and more. This was a great offer. I already have the money transfered to PayPal, and it is en route to my HSBC Online Savings account that is now earning 5.05%!


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

February 25, 2008 10:44 PM 

Those are good ideas but they sometimes do take more time than people are willing to invest just to get a small amount of money back. Hey, money's money, though and there's no insurance you'll have it tomorrow. You could take that money and reinvest it into your ebay business selling aluminum ties!


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